Puchatek - internetowy system dla polskich szkol sobotnich Puchatek - internetowy system dla polskich szkol sobotnich

Puchatek functions

Puchatek has a wide range of functions required to manage the Polish Saturday School

The selection of features of Puchatek, its structure, the user interface and the means of access are subordinated to one goal: to allow management of  Polish Saturday schools to be effective and more efficient.


Access via the Internet is a great flexibility to have

The key to the usefulness of Puchatek in Polish schools is available on the Internet. Thanks to this system it can be used at school, home and the office, at a time convenient for parents and school staff.

To get into the system, you just have a computer connected to the Internet, and any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc..). Puchatek is designed to work with both Windows PCs and Apple Macs.

Access to the system is protected by a user name and password. Data sent to Puchatek is encrypted, which prevents them from ‘interception’.


Puchatek features covers all the needs of the school management

  • Maintain complete and current information about the children and their parents (caregivers).
  • Subscribing, unsubscribing and moving children to classes.
  • Checking for attendance of children in the classroom.
  • Administering the teachers and staff.
  • Inspection certificates of good conduct (DBS, former CRB).
  • Control of the number and structure of the classes.
  •  Planning the school calendar.
  • Administering the call time.
  • Maintain communication with parents.
  • Automatic transfer of all classes at the end of the level above.
  • Comprehensive, tailored to the specific needs of school reports and statements.

Below are details of some of the functions.


Complete and current data about the children and their parents (caregivers)

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  • The system allows to register comprehensive information on every child and parent (guardian) aswell as for the whole family.
  • Data entry is simplified, eg by copying the address of the parents.
  • Via the shared information it can register  any additonal members’ contact details, declarations of parents wanting to help out in the school and other comments.
  • Search engine will alow to search for family members and so avoid duplication of data entry. You can quickly find an existing family name.
  • The system correctly identifies the family even if its members bear different names or where they are used inconsistently Polish letters (Pakowski and Pąkowski is the same family).

Registering children to school,  discharging and moving classes.

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  • Children can be registered for school, discharged, moved to a different class or restored to their previous class.
  • A full school history of the student’s to attendance.
  • After discharge from school children remain in the system. This allows for rapid re-register when returning to school.

Monitoring attendance

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  • Headteacher, teacher or authorized person can mark the child’s absence on the selected Saturday.
  • Reports of attendance will allow the state to establish a school in case of threats (alarms), or a statement routinely absenteeism.

Administering the teachers and staff

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  • Assigning positions the class teacher or assistant.
  • Assigning teachers of general subjects (such as religion, choir).
  • Assigning other positions (accounting, nurse, etc.).
  • Recording and monitoring news certificate DBS (former CRB).

Structure of classes

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Puchatek allows for the appropriate structure for the class to be installed, by:

  • Declaring the class names for the key year, class (names chosen individually for your school).
  • Closing or opening new classes during the school year.
  • Determining the permissible number of children in each class.
  • Administration description of the location class at school, for example, for an easier for parents to find their childs class for a parents meeting.

School calendar

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The school calendar is the basis for the organisation of classes in the school, parental roster, collecting fees or checking attendance. Puchatek allows you to:

  • State when the school year begins. Saturdays are the only days that you can add on the calendar.
  • Determine which Saturdays are working and non-working.
  • Enter the description of the special events taking place in a given Saturday.

Parental duty

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Puchatek largely simplifies the laborious administrating of parental rotas:

  • Administrators benefit from a roster of a central register of all families and children having access to the current contact information.
  • The registration supports a variety of systems of organization roster: assigning rosters, volunteered rosters.
  • The system takes into account the cases of partial or total exemptions.
  • Reports of the planned or held duties support information communicated to the parents (a reminder of  duties in the upcoming Saturday, admonishing those residual, etc.).
  • Easy transferal of information to the accountant about not completing duties in the previous year and to decide about a chargable penalty.

Charges for school and their enforcement

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  • Charges will be made to all the families and in the right amount for a given period, allowing maximization of revenue for the school.
  • The system allows for flexible organization of campaign charges (semester, half-yearly, etc.).
  • In addition to standard fees, it is possible the introduction of incentives and penalties.
  • With a simple interface, transactions fees can be made on an ongoing basis, avoiding additional work.
  • With the appropriate reports you can quickly assess the condition of payments of fees for the current period.
  • Persons involved in the enforcement of outstanding fees have access to the latest contact information, which increases the effectiveness of these actions.

Reports the basis for effective school management

Having a complete and up to date data is the foundation for success in school management. For its achievements, it is necessary that the data reaches all those in need, in the form most useful to them.

Teachers need the list of children from their class, along with information about the child’s medical needs and parent’s contact information.

Meanwhile, the treasurer needs a list of all the families, stating the number of children in the family which then can be charged a fee for the semester.

  • Puchatek offers a wide range of reports tailored to the specific needs of all school employees (directorate, management, accounting, roster, nurses, and others.)
  • The reports are generated based on the center set of data.
  • Reports are tailored to the individual needs of the school.
  • It is also possible to create additional reports in the management.

Data from reports can be copied to Excel

  • or other programs for further use. This allows you to create:
    • mailing lists for mailshots
    • mailing lists for MailMerge
    • statement for accounting, roster
    • extracts for the purpose of website
    • other documents useful in the management of the school

The system administrator has full control over users

  • The administrator creates roles for access to different functions and options of the system.
  • Administrator establishes, suspend, activates the user accounts and assigns them to specific roles.


Security of data

Placing Puhatek online system puts it on high demands regarding the security of data. Puchatek meets them by:

  • Encoding data. All information sent between your computer and the system is encrypted and therefore impossible to intercept.
  • Complex passwords. The system allows you to set an  individual school policy for password complexity and regularly forcing them to change.
  • Automatic closing of an accounts after a number of failed login attempts.


Ease of use

Parents assisting in the conduct of Polish Saturday schools often do not have the proper training required to handle complex office systems. There is also no time for aquiring the training  required. Therefore, our goal was to build a simple system to use:

  • You do not require to have any previous skills to use Puchatek.
  • The intuitive interface allows you to quickly learn how to operate the system.
  • Using the so-called. dictionaries speeds data entry and helps to avoid errors.
  • Consenquently the user interface design makes learning to operate the system easy and efficient to others.
  • The system uses the terminology and concepts used in everyday Polish Saturday schools.


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