Puchatek - internetowy system dla polskich szkol sobotnich Puchatek - internetowy system dla polskich szkol sobotnich


Polish Saturday Schools, like all English schools, have a legal obligation to ensure proper care of children. As a result of not having current and complete information about medical needs of a child, in case of emergency

children may be exposed to receive incorrect medical treatment

which may even have tragic consequences ( for this case, read here ).

At the same time schools are seeking to maximise financial resources to cover increasing costs of running their business. However, in some schools

up to 2% of families regularly do not pay tuition fees

These examples represent only a small part of the problems associated with the management of Polish Saturday School, which, as every institution is subject to the UK legal and economic principles.

The term ‘Saturday school’ suggests a smaller scope of work and responsibilities related to the management. From experience it shows, however, that it must be conducted to the same standard as with a full-size English school.

Due to the nature of these schools (modest financial resources, run by parents, lacking adequate management methods and IT support) fulfilling these requiremtents is difficult.


Puchatek is an online system that meets modern requirements of management of Polish Saturday Schools

Puchatek system, designed specifically for Polish Saturday Schools,  is based on many years of experience in running a large Polish Saturday School in London. It is easy to use, accessible from home, school and office, 24 hours a day. By using it, your school in a much better way will fulfill its responsibility towards children care, and will be able to increase financial income.



On the pages of our site you will find comprehensive information related to the management of the Polish Saturday School and showing how the system Puchatek may facilitate the management of:


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